Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, please feel free to contact our sales team at:

Where are you located?

We have two locations. Our Toledo location is on Jackman Rd between Alexis & Laskey in Toledo, Ohio.(by the Miracle Mile). Our Lyons location is located in downtown Lyons, Ohio. (about 15 minutes south of Adrian, MI & 10 minutes northeast of Wauseon, Oh)

Where is your furniture made?

The overwhelming majority of our furniture is made in Holmes County, Ohio. We also have manufacturers in Indiana & Grand Rapids, MI.

Do you have furniture we can buy off your floor?

Yes, you may notice we advertise a lot of our custom work, but we also have two full line showrooms. Customers are able to purchase items right of our floor.

Can I get this item in a different color?

Absolutely! EVERY Amish-made piece we sell is available in a wide variety of Ohio Certified Stains(OCS). We also carry the entire line-up of Minwax© Brand stains. All finishes are included in the price of an item. You will not pay more for choosing a different stain color. Paints, however, do have an up-charge. Depending on the item your are considering you will be given a price for paint.

Can I match the stain on this piece to furniture I already own?

Yes!! By bringing in a sample of the furniture you own (a door, piece of trim, or drawer), we can match that to a pre-mixed color we already have. We carry the entire line-up of Minwax© Brand stains as well as Ohio Certified Stains. If we are unable to find a stain that will work for you, we offer computerized stain matching. Computerized stain matching has a one time fee of $50.00

Is this item available in Cherry( Oak, Hickory, Maple etc. etc)?

Despite what our name implies, all of our items are available in almost all common wood species! Item pricing varies depending on which wood it is made from. Our sales team will provide you with the different prices.

Available Wood Species: Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Wormy Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Elm.

Please ask about exotic woods, and others which are not listed.

Is this item available in a different size?

Almost all of our furniture is available in multiple sizes. We also offer custom sizes for the perfect fit.

Do you deliver?

Of course we do! We will deliver anywhere in NW Ohio & SE Michigan, and will set-up your furniture for you. Special deliveries have been arranged in the past. For more information contact our sales team.

How long do orders take?

Our standard lead time is 4-8 weeks from the date the order was placed. The lead time for our bedroom furniture is 6-8 weeks. Our lead times are among the shortest for Amish furniture. An item's lead time does not correlate with its simplicity (i.e. a small jewelry box will take as long as a large tv stand.). The lead times are dependent on how busy our manufacturers are at that moment.

Can you ship to --------------?

Our shipping provider  will ship anywhere in the continental United States. Upon ordering, request a shipping quote and our sales team will provide one for you. Shipping is risk-free. In the past, we have shipped to California, Florida, North Carolina & Missouri. For more information on this topic, please contact our sales team.

Can you explain the ordering process?

Yes. Upon ordering, a down payment of no less than 20% of the total cost will be taken. The order is then placed with one of our manufacturers. Once the item is complete, we transport the item from the manufacturer to our store. We will then set-up a time to deliver and install the item in your home. Upon delivery, or pick up, we will then accept the balance of the order.

Can you tell me more about your Lifetime Guarantee?

Our life-time guarantee is very straight forward. Our furniture is guaranteed against any manufacturer defect for the life of the product at no cost to you! If your furniture becomes damaged for reasons beyond normal use, it can usually be repaired for a nominal fee. For more information on this topic, please contact our sales team.