A Brief History

Our story began in the small town of Lyons, Ohio in the summer of 1992. If you're not familiar with Lyons, it's a small community of approximately 550 people just twenty minutes west of Toledo, Ohio on route 120. With an inventory of just a handful of dining tables and chairs, we began selling furniture out of a vacant storefront by appointment only. Slowly but steadily, we added piece by piece until we had our entire storefront stocked to the brim!

We learned quickly in order to stay competitive in the furniture industry, we had to do something no one else was doing. We had to give our potential customers from local areas such as Adrian, Wauseon, and Toledo an incentive to drive to Lyons and purchase from our store. This is when we decided that our goal was to sell the highest quality American-made furniture, for the lowest possible prices and to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience. By getting to know our customers, we are able to tailor fit them with a shopping experience as unique as they are; friendly, professional service that you can't find at a large furniture retailer.



We contacted American manufactures of hardwood furniture and Amish workshops in Ohio & Indiana. After a while we had so much inventory and no place to store it! So we bought a large building adjacent to our own, which is now one of the largest Amish dining inventories in all of Ohio. Once we outgrew this building we bought another even larger building across the street. This building has been used for our bedroom selection ever since. Finally, with such a large inventory we were in desperate need of storage, which lead us to purchase a warehouse just a short distance down the street. In a matter of a few years our small side business had went from a couple of tables to one of the largest selections of Amish furniture in all of Ohio.

Our Toledo location opened in 1997 on Jackman Road just north of the "Miracle Mile" shopping mall. This allowed us to not only reach a larger amount of people, but also provided us with floor space to carry an even wider variety of inventory.

Over 15 years has passed since the opening of our Toledo location. Since that time, the midwest has experienced an on-going boom of Amish & hardwood furniture retailers in Ohio & Indiana. Holmes County, Ohio has been called recently by many industry analysts "the new Hardwood Furniture Capital of the World", with an estimated 250 furniture manufacturers residing there.

While we have seen the popularity of Amish furniture soar in recent years, we have also seen an increase in larger furniture stores beginning to carry Amish alternatives and high-end Amish lines, as well as products falsely marketed as "Amish".



While many would think this would make our store indistinguishable from others, it has resulted in our business flourishing. Since we are an entirely Amish-made retailer we can offer a larger amount of inventory. Our two locations combine for the largest selection of Amish furniture in NW Ohio & SE Michigan.

Most importantly we provide our own weekly shipping, which allows us to save on costly contracted shipping most furniture stores rely on. This not only results in lower prices & lead times for our customers, but also close business relationships with all of our workshops.

Having over 20 years experience with Amish furniture, we are familiar with almost every manufacturer in Holmes County. We are able to sift through this massive selection of furniture, and provide only the most cost effective solutions to our customers. Finally, as a family owned and operated retailer our nimble 'to market strategy' keeps our showrooms stocked with the most up-to-date and stylish furniture.


Hand Crafted Quality Since 1992

The Area's Largest Amish-made Dining Selection

Why Buy From Us?

01. Superior Materials

Our furniture is crafted from choice North American hardwoods. Visit either of our two locations to view beautiful; oak, cherry, hickory, maple and more. We do not offer acacia, or veneered particle board.

Every drawer on every piece of furniture we sell has steel ball-bearing, full-extension glides. These glides are rated for up to 100 lbs. fully extended.

These ingredients produce beautiful products that will outlast our competitors faux imitations.


02. Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted by Amish in Indiana & Ohio, our furniture will never see a mechanical assembly line, or wasteful factory.

Each piece is handled by Amish craftsmen from raw lumber to a finished product. These men are among the best in the world at their craft. Using time-tested techniques such as 'English dovetailing' and superior building materials allow for heirloom quality craftsmanship. This furniture can be enjoyed by your loved-ones for generations.


03. Guaranteed for Life

Evey piece, from big to small, come with a lifetime guarantee and a promise that we will stand by every piece of furniture we sell you. For more information on our warranty, please view our F.A.Q's.


04. Entirely Customizable

Take complete control over your furniture. At American Oak Creations, EVERY piece of furniture is customizable. Choose your own wood species, stain colors, custom sizes & more!

We create completely custom pieces from line-drawings, or through 1-on-1 in-home consultations.


05. Environmentally Friendly

Our Amish furniture is made in zero-landfill workshops; not wasteful factories. These workshops do not draw electricity through power lines. Thus, almost eliminating the amount of CFC's released during product manufacturing.

Every tree that is cut & used in our furniture is reforested under state & federal guidelines.

Our products are "Sustainable Products". This means our furniture is built to last longer than the time it takes the trees used in their creation to regrow.

All of these ingredients combine to create the most environmentally friendly furniture available.


06. We're Family

Our stores are family owned and operated. Come shop at a local business where you know our employees and owner by name.

Engaging with our customers we are able to find the perfect additions to their home decor. Over time we learn what our customers expect when shopping at our stores and we are able to provide a unique experience for each one.

We believe in "zero-pressure" sales. Our staff is trained to help answer any questions you may have and be friendly & courteous while doing so. You should never feel pressured into buying a product from one of our stores, and we will never try to sell you a product you do not want.